Chuck Another Celery On the Barbie

In I'm a blog. on October 25, 2009 at 11:17 PM

You probably can’t relate. There’s a BBQ , and there’s some pain-in-the-rear-end guy or gal politely pointing out that they don’t eat red meat, or worse still, they don’t consume animals at all! Standing there with a non-chalant alcoholic beverage in your hand, you personally find it hard to not pull the first person you see with the biggest beer gut on to the griller for your next plate-full – sans the vegetables, thanks a lot. Apparently, your passion for eating cow or the like is so strong that when you watch your vego friend serve themselves a lump of BBQ field mushroom, it gives you the irresistable detesting urge to remind them about what you love the most:  “I love me meat! What are you, a vegetarian?”

Happy Snaps - Carnivore's BBQ

"I Love Me Meat!"

But, let’s flip it over and mix it up a little. Do you choose to question vegetarianism (and/or the like) because:

a) you love meat so much that you want to share the love, and preferably with that vego across the room in oppose to all the other carnivores in your midst


b) because you are so nervous about being a glutton for meat that turning the room’s attention to that snotty vego standing next to that cactus plant will automatically make you seem really amazing and perhaps even a tad hilarious?

Vegetarians, vegans,  and pescatarians everywhere – I urge you to try this:

Vego's BBQ

"Veg Out!"

Have a BBQ with 90% of your non-meat eating friends attending. The rest should represent a handful of your token non-veg friends. Set aside a table with old tattered table dressings and half-hearted serving dishes, and put your meat alternatives in there. As a carnivore tucks in, put your hand on their back jovially and exclaim as loudly as you can, “Oh my god, you eat meat! Don’t you eat vegetables? Wow, how long have you been eating meat for? I love me veggies!  Ya don’t know what ya missin’!” Ad lib till after mealtime is over…or preferably till the cows come home.

Moovin' Right Along...

The Cow Who Came Home...


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