Peak-Time Strolling

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Apparently, Sunday strolls are the new vogue in peak-time rush. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m all about taking time out to smell the roses. However, these fellow commuters not only want to smell the roses when getting off trains and catching the next. Oh, no. They also like to take a bit of time out to smell some daffodils, chrysanthemums, maybe a bit of blood and bone while they’re at it. I mean, one would think they were off to the botanical gardens! Don’t we all wish we were on our way to a picnic?

Public Service Announcement Folks:

Make like a train, and move! Since escalator etiquette, and consideration for those in a huff and a puff to reach work or said appointment/destination have been tossed in the compost, here’s what I would suggest: just walk through everyone. Yes, you read correctly!  Nevermind the domino collision of people lying strewn on the ground behind you, because as you know, they have all the time in the world to pick themselves back up again. Why do you think they slow down in the first place?

I know, I know. What about elderly, disabled and pregnant passengers? Well as you would guess, one would definitely have consideration for them but having said this- they have their own elevator and are hardly ever the ones holding up human traffic! Personally, I’ve done a bit of observational research, and I can name a few or so selected culprits:

That Stocky Man In the Expensive Suit and HUGE briefcase

OK, I would assume this man would most definitely have a destination to reach by a certain time…work? A meeting, perhaps? C’mon, help me out here and tell me he isn’t walking around like that just to appear accomplished. I don’t care if he is caught up in his thoughts on the notes he took down for that board meeting as he sipped on his latte, reading the morning newspaper. Don’t just APPEAR accomplished- play the part and ACT it. Start by actually MOVING.

Because You're On Your Way To Nowhere

"Oh My Gawd, Already!"

The School Kid and the HUGE School Bag

This should be a collective reference, as they do tend to travel in more than threes at a time. Honestly, the bags are not their fault – I remember being a school kid with an over-sized backpack. Not fun. Having said that- why do they insist on congregating in clusters, smack bang in the middle of the way when you are trying to get OUT of the train station? They sit or stand there and won’t move as if it’s their business to do so. Not to mention stopping in front of you to ramble in ‘omg likes’ and other banterings of the like. Annoying, the amount of times one must say ‘excuse me’ and have wasted their polite breath in vain. Simple solution, kids: JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY.

The Chick Who Just Stands There

Why, oh why. Pretty self explanatory.

Why Can't They Just Move?

"Hello? Anyone there?"

The Strolling Couple

Do you not hear the fast cloppering of people’s feet against the tiles as they approach you like a herd of cows at a rapid speed? Of course not, and you’re taking up twice as much space for people to get past! Move aside if you cannot move apart and let a person get past!

The Self-Important Parents and the Over-Sized Prams

Hey, guess what! Everyone else needs to get somewhere, too! Do you really need an over-sized pram for the train ride? Surely a stroller and a decent-sized carry bag would suffice? And before you even try that phrase “Wait ’till you have kids” I have a little tantrum to throw. I remember sitting in a neat little stroller on various outings about town as a baby. Yes, I do remember. Most of you are not even at least carrying infants to be wanting to carry an ultra-huge mega baby buggy! If you must, stop risking your baby’s life on an ESCALATOR and get on an ELEVATOR which is DESIGNED for the likes of anyone who need travel on wheels! And keep away from doorways…

Make Way for the Goo-Goo Mobile

Keeping Doorway Clear At All Times...


Unfortunately, it’s true. I am sure there are people out there who empathise with this phenomenon! And I just know most of you would agree that a Sunday stroll isn’t always quite the same on a Monday any a week-day morning. Why oh WHY then don’t people JUST MOVE? We are apparently social animals, which should suggest some sort of awareness when walking out and about outside the confinement of the four walls that tend to surround us, no matter where we may be …but I beg to differ.


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