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The Importance of Being Self-Important.

In I'm a blog. on December 14, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Ever felt such an over-bearing sense of abundant knowledge, that you just had to show it off and even load it off on someone else? Yes, that’s right, load it off.  I’m doing it right now, actually. Are you enjoying it? I’m talking, in-your-face, sometimes even bordering on ‘my way or the highway’ mentality. Let’s face it. We can all be accused of this. We all indulge in it. It’s called Self-Importance.

Self-Importance has been a long part of the human psyche for many years, now. But whose fault is that?  And most importantly, my question is who was the first middle-class, or even blue-collar worker in the New World…or in ye Olde World for that matter? Whose stupid idea was it? According to our trusty old Wikipedia, the term blue-collar is derived from 19th century uniform dress codes of industrial work-places. Oh, no word on the placement of the average worker and the amount of influence they may have if they had enough money to actually make a difference. But I digress, and shall leave that topic for another entry of the The Observer.  Now, before I go further into the nitty gritty of the importance of Self-Importance in our culture, I must pose (and for those who hate the reflection of themselves in the mirror, impose) this question. Do you think by taking a step down from your own personal opinion, you’d be shining example to the rest of the world? Do you feel ok living under a hierarchical-based system? Oh, it won’t change, I know. We all know…but is this because we all allow it? Are we all embarrased to put our hand up to say, this is ridiculous, now let’s go live in a wild jungle or forrest somewhere and see what happens?

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…oh my.

We have a system of delegated, pompous men, and if we’re lucky, some pompous women telling us how to run our lives, our country, how to eat, how to live, how to do everything. Don’t think you’ve escaped this trap! Even I, a self-confessed, occasionally annoying but often more right than wrong know-it-all has been reigned in by this conditioning that has me miserable within the confinements of having to obide by a certain standard of living in order for me to even get from A to B in any area of my life thereabouts! We let the most Self-Important people there is be Self-Important. Become Self-Important over ourselves and our lives. This over-zealous confidence grows out of control like a festering weed…it’s a weed because it causes more animosity and perhaps even divide, often in some cases through the guise of being wholesome, though that may ofcourse not always be the case. But honestly…

C’mon, people! Give me a break.

If only we could all feel compelled to step outside the fearful box we have allowed ourselves to be placed in, in order to obtain some sort of reverence through being humble, or being obiding citizens. But oh. What do we have here. I smile smugly. Oh, could this be our own indulgent piece of Self-Importance? Oh, look at me, I’m so wonderfully righteous. Ah. See what I mean? It’s such a part of our human psyche, is it any wonder people are so afraid of being themselves, so afraid of being on their own, so afraid perhaps of themselves? Ooh this is getting scarily serious. Well pardon my Self-Importance, but what is wrong with chanelling this human phenomina into something more emancipating? Is there anything wrong about having a true sense of self, while acknowledging the sense of individuality in others? Of course not.

Our society has made individuality a joke.

And you know what, it is funny. Funny that someone chooses to be themselves for themselves and not for other people, because how much more important are they going to be to a gaggle of Self-Important people who think almost exactly alike, anyway? Oh don’t I feel a little bit wise.

Go on, folks! Think about it. Take it with a pinch of salt, if you may. Now, excuse me while I go eat my humble pie…